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Some personal reflections and revelations (Tap tap….is this thing on?)

I’ve been mapping out 2024 (haven’t we all?). Here is where I get muddled as I plan for the new year.

While I’m all for reflecting on what did and did not work in 2023. I can get lost down that rabbit hole. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s not.

For 2024, I’ve decided to start with a clean slate and build from the bottom up.

I guess my word of the year would be joy.

Here is where I was in 2022 – providing business coaching services and courses to female entrepreneurs. After the death of my husband in 2021, I had the wind knocked out of me and did not have the energy to return to it.

I chose to pivot in 2023 – I wanted something simpler and less emotionally taxing and moved to providing Virtual Assistant and Project Management services. After testing this route for the year, I did not find joy.

Back to my roots in 2024. I love coaching. I’m good at it and it’s how I feel I can provide the most value. Plus, I’ve produced several damn good courses.

Why should this matter to you? 

Many entrepreneurs get so invested in the direction they’ve mapped out that they are afraid to abandon it and move on.  Just like being in a bad relationship, walking away can take forever, and be painful.

My best advice? Deal with it head-on, address the wrong direction/goals, and don’t hesitate to make changes.

Am I embarrassed? A little. But life is about evolution, is it not?

So, I will revise some of my branding, take a stab at redoing my website (sigh), and revamp the newsletter, making it far more valuable to the solopreneur.

How are you thinking about your planning for the next year?


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