I was recently listening to a podcast when the owner of a successful biz said that she stopped doing her podcast because it took a lot of work. She didn’t feel the urge to continue, and no one was pushing her to do so. It got me thinking…

If you are the alpha dog, who do you need to answer to? You don’t have a boss, although you probably have clients or customers. But there is no one truly setting the bar, except for you. Are you letting the bar slip?

Here are a few things that may keep you from being the most productive and profitable business owner you can be:

Solution: Weekly Accountability Group

 Join me and a small group weekly to declare your goals, and brainstorm why you are or are not meeting them. As a team, we will help each other get there!

The group meets Fridays at noon Pacific time for one hour. We will discuss whether we did not didn’t achieve last week’s goals, what our goals are for the next week, and what the challenges and celebrations were for the past week.

The investment is $100 per month. The first session is free, so you can get a sense of whether or not this is for you.