Entrepreneur with Down Time?

We all have periods of time “between”. Between gigs, clients, meetings, launches, proposal sent and waiting for the response. You know that time. We also have “dither days”: days when we are sitting in front of the computer and not getting anything done. My Mom called that dithering. Here are a few sneakily productive ways […]

Lead Magnets that Actually Convert

I’ve said previously that the most effective way to build your list is with a good lead magnet – or three. A good lead magnet can generate thousands of leads per month for your business. Lead magnets, those ubiquitous free offers attached to a signup form for an email list, are a great opportunity to […]

Facebook Advertising Blueprint

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform with almost 2 billion members. Half of those are online daily. With very few acceptations, your ideal client is there! Facebook also has the very best targeting opportunities of any social media platform, which is critical for successful advertising. I see so many entrepreneurs making the same […]

The Biggest Mistake You can Make with Facebook Ads

Don’t make this mistake- You don’t want to be that guy. This mistake is a success-killer.  I’m always shocked when it is overlooked or done poorly. What is it? Not having your groundwork in place. What do I mean by groundwork?  Everything that should be in place BEFORE you start placing ads and spending money. It’s […]

Who should NOT be Advertising on Facebook?

It seems odd that I as a Facebook Advertising Strategist would be talking about who should NOT be doing Facebook ads. But I’m approached by new businesses for help daily and I just want to offer some advice on who should NOT be doing FB ads. Or put another way, when’s the best time to start […]

How to Get Over the Fear of Creating Videos

Today we are talking about video and specifically how to get over your fear of being on camera. We have been talking in the past few weeks about how important video is not only in Facebook Ads but in your business in general. But many women are not brave about hopping in front of the […]

How Much Should I Spend on my Facebook Ads?

This is the question I get asked every single day How much should I spend on my Facebook Ads? In this quick video I’ll give you a long and short answer to that. Stick with me to the end, and I’ll give you the sound bite you are waiting for. My answer, and I know […]

The Importance of Facebook Live

Facebook Live is becoming a thing.  The thing.  As Facebook is favoring video in all areas, Facebook Live posts are getting premier status.  This means more visibility, and more reach for your brand. See the video below for some tips on how to jump in.

The Importance of Video in your Facebook Advertising

Video is so important for your business, especially on Facebook, that I’m going to be doing a 2-part series. How is it important, you ask? Facebook is favoring video posts in the newsfeed – so you will get more reach!  A little background: FB wants to be more personal, engaging immediate and in the past year […]

Warm Audience – Don’t forget your Tribe!

Once you have someone on your email list, or liking your Facebook page, or in your Facebook group, it’s easy to think you’ve “got them”.  Meaning, they already know about you, and don’t need to hear about your newest offers or see your ads.  Not true!  You warm audience is the most important piece of […]