Don’t make this mistake- You don’t want to be that guy.
This mistake is a success-killer.  I’m always shocked when it is overlooked or done poorly.
What is it?
Not having your groundwork in place.
What do I mean by groundwork?  Everything that should be in place BEFORE you start placing ads and spending money.
It’s not just about the ad. You can have all the screaming, cost-effective, targeted traffic in the world (which is what a Facebook ad is supposed to do!) but if you don’t have your groundwork in place to turn those LEADS into CUSTOMERS, you are wasting your precious time and money.
Your offer  Be sure people want what you are offering or selling. Test your offer, whether it’s a short checklist, a coaching package, or a big multi-module course, organically first.  If your social media connections and email list aren’t interested, neither will your paid traffic be.
The Landing page, or opt-in page. I’m going to share an absolutely awesome ebook from my colleagues at Leadpages.  They are my number one choice for landing page creation and wrote the book on how to make them successful.  Click here to download these mighty ebook!  You are welcome.
Fulfilling on the ad promise  If you say you are going to provide a checklist, or ebook, is it working?  Make sure your back end processes are in place and smoothly operating!
Email or phone call follow up  Once someone has been interested enough in your offer to give you their email address (which is not a small thing these days) follow up with them immediately to cement the relationship, engage, and build more trust and interest.  Have a well-crafted auto-responder email series in place to further deliver on your promise and heighten the interest of your prospect.
More follow up – keep your community engaged and wanting more information from you. Are you sending out a weekly (or daily, or monthly) email newsletter or VLOG or something to keep them interested in you, your brand and your offer?
The last step will be to ask for the sale.  But that’s still part of the groundwork! Have your script or copy ready to help that interested prospect to become a happy new customer.
When people tell me that their ads are not working, the first thing I ask them about is the groundwork! Traffic – even tons of great traffic, can’t make up for a lack of groundwork.
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