Give Me Just 2 Months, & I'll Turn Your Facebook Ads Into Lead Generating, Client Acquisition Machines, With The Power To Skyrocket Your Business To Multiple 6-Figures & Beyond

Even if you’ve only had mediocre results with Ads, have already spent a ton of money with very little return, and ESPECIALLY if you're desperate to get your marketing activities OFF your desk, and into the hands of an expert... FAST!  

From the desk of Elyse Tager
California, USA. 


I've worked with a ton of entrepreneurs who were ready to scale and leverage, so I get your challenges...

Right now, you're stuck with these BIG issues that are blocking your next income leaps: 

You're ready to get serious about scaling and growing your business, and you know that Facebook Ads could hold the power to turn on the client tap.

But learning all this stuff on your own and managing your own Ads is NOT what you want to be doing right now, and it's definitely not what you SHOULD be doing. You recognize that you can't continue to grow if you're doing everything in your business from being CEO, right down to being the admin assistant.

Something has to get crossed off your list, and you KNOW that Facebook Ads can't just be managed by ANYONE. 

You need someone you can trust, someone with a deep and powerful understanding of client acquisition, and someone who can take the reins and tell you exactly where you should take this for maximum return on your investment. 


You're already spending money here and there on Facebook Ads haphazardly, and you KNOW that there has to be a better way. You just don't know what it is. 

You've maybe invested in courses on Ads, and you know the value of testing, tweaking, and reaching that point where EVERYTHING clicks, and Facebook becomes a valuable source of dream clients. 

Your spending right now? It's all over the place, and you have no idea whether you're making a good return, or what you need to change so you can RELY on business via Facebook, so your activities are underpinned by robust marketing strategies that take your prospects right through to the stage where they're whipping out their credit cards. Eagerly. And on repeat. 

You've paid your dues and you're a serious business person, destined for the VIP life. And VIPs don't spend all their days trying to work out what's going on inside Power Editor! 


You've seen some pretty impressive results from your own Facebook Ad campaigns, but you know that you've only just scratched the surface with what can be achieved.

You've got no doubt that Facebook Ads could skyrocket your business. After all, you've had a taste of what the results can look like. But it's time consuming, the platform is constantly changing, and you know that it's not REALLY your job to keep up with it. 

You need to scale. You need to leverage. You need to create the kind of SYSTEMS in your business that have the power to smash you right through your self-imposed income ceiling, and you need to get your marketing off your desk so you can operate from your zone of genius.  

Something has to change, and it has to change fast if you don't want to stall your growth. 

The good news here is that I can help you...

I've cleared some time in my schedule over the next few days to talk with you. 

During that call, I'll show you how we can work together to turn your Facebook Ads into your business's most profitable asset, and explain the kind of results that you can expect within 3 months, based on your current situation and your business goals. 

This isn't just about setting a few ads up and hoping for the best... 

It's about discussing how we can create a robust lead generation system that brings quality leads into your funnel consistently, so you can nurture and convert practically on autopilot.

If you're done with overnight experts and new kids on the block who are full of promises that they just can't keep, then let's talk. 

It's time to uplevel.  


This offer to jump on the phone with me and discuss how we can work together is absolutely NOT for everyone. 

There are certain people who are just not a good fit for what I do, and in the interests of saving us BOTH some time, I'm going to go out of my way to REPEL those people right now. 

This ain't some reverse psychology mind game... I just know that I can't help every entrepreneur out there, and that some aren't ready for what I have to share. 

As a busy business owner, I know that you understand this... I mean, your time is valuable too, right? 

For us to move forward, you MUST fulfill these criteria: 

1. You must have a solid and proven business model, and be in the position whereby you're ready to scale

I can't work with newbies who have not yet built robust foundations, and don't understand the basic pillars of client attraction. You must have a proven offer that has attracted clients, so you're now looking to ramp things up to the next level. 

You don't have to have hit 6-figures just yet... But if you haven't, then you'll have a serious plan to get there in the not too distant future. 

2. You must be serious about using Facebook Ads as part of your client acquisition strategy. 

If you secretly think that Facebook Ads are just the latest fad, and you're not willing to accept that they may well be your ticket to HUGE income leaps, then it's not my job to prove to you otherwise.

Clients come to me SERIOUS about crafting an Ads strategy that works, and that MUST start with a dedication to using the tools that have been proven - again and again - to work. 

If you meet the above two criteria, and you're ready to scale and leverage your business through the power of Facebook Ads, then I'm happy to clear some time in my diary to chat with you. 

Simply click the button below, and reserve your time. Our call will last for around 45-60 minutes, and you will leave with a solid understanding of how we could work together to use Facebook Ads to skyrocket your client attraction, and of course, your bottom line.