Trouble Delegating?

One of the biggest fears of many entrepreneurs is the whole idea of building a team and having to delegate work to others. Here is what I hear: I’m not good at delegating! I don’t have time to train anyone. I have had horrible results with people who work for me. I would feel out […]

How to Outsource on a Shoestring Budget

“I just can’t afford to hire! My budget is way too small.” I never push back on the budget-size part of this argument; hundreds of solopreneurs run their amazing businesses on blood, sweat, tears, and absolutely minuscule amounts of money. The part about not being able to afford outsourcing? That is a mindset issue, and one that […]

Searching for Gold: How to Find Great People for Your Company

When you are growing your team, the one thing I hear most often is “Where do I find good people.” If you have exhausted your friends and family for their connections and come up empty, here are many more ideas. Some may resonate more than others but keep your mind open for new sources of […]

Do You Have the Right Team for Growing Your Biz?

This week I’m starting a series on team building for business growth. I’ll be touching on job descriptions, the hiring process, onboarding, performance reviews, the firing process, and more…Stay tuned! Today, we will get started with an overview of why the right team is critical to success and a few strategies to start to evaluate […]