If you want accountability, challenges, and fresh ideas on how to grow your business, my Mastermind program is for you! A Mastermind is designed to utilize the perspective and experience of other entrepreneurs to take your business to the next level.

In my experience, working in a Mastermind format will speed up your business growth exponentially. You will have a group of like-minded women who will challenge you and hold you accountable so that you do what you say you are going to do to achieve your goals. No more hiding!

We will work in small groups of 6-8 so that we can truly help each other. I will carefully select entrepreneurs with an eye towards mixing up the industries and business types, as well as looking for entrepreneurs at different levels of growth to provide the ultimate resources for everyone.

Interested? Book now and I’ll put your name on the waiting list.  I’ll send out more information, as we get closer to the launch date.

Investment $350 paid in full

Installment plan of $128 for each of 3 months.