June Special – Facebook Ads Starter Package

Lead Generation in the Fast Lane

Summer can be slow for business, I know.  But get a jump on summer now with an increased and ongoing source of leads for your business. It’s easy-peasy with my Facebook Ads Starter package.
Every entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with has told me that they waited too long to start building their list.
  • Their course was not finished
  • They did not know the details of their coaching packages
  • They weren’t sure what services they wanted to wrap their business around.
So they waited until everything was in place.
But here’s the thing. If you wait until everything is perfect, you will never get anywhere, because there is no such thing as perfect. I call this “perfection paralysis” and it’s a great way to get in your own way and NOT make progress!
The longer you wait, the more business you are losing!

The best, most strategic, least expensive, most productive method for list building is with Facebook advertising.

  • You can test audiences at the lowest cost to see which ones will perform for your bigger offers.
  • You can test multiple ads, copy, and creative without breaking the bank
  • You can find out which of your lead magnets gets you the best results.
So let’s get this party started.  I have a sweet offer for you.
I’d like to help you get your lead generation machine in place ASAP.  Start building your audience now and reap the benefits as your business grows.
Want another Facebook golden nugget?
Does the word “retargeting” mean anything to you?
What if you could send one of your best lead generation ads to everyone who has visited your website? Even if they did not sign up for your free offer when they landed, that doesn’t mean you have lost them forever!  It DOES mean the have shown interest in you, your business, and what you have to offer.  Make contact with them again, with a retargeted ad.  We can talk more about that on our call and I’ll tell you how easy and impactful this is. Believe me this is gold!
This June, I’m offering the chance to work with me to get your lead generation machine ramped up. Plus, we will start your retargeting strategy to REALLY reap the benefits. Here’s what you get when we work together.
1 month Facebook Ad Starter Package – Total investment is $500
This package is a premium service, which is part consulting and part done-for-you.
Here’s what the package includes:
  • Initial 30-minute consultation to get clear on your goals and objectives with your lead generation efforts.
  • We will decide on your lead magnet  and nail down the description of your ideal client
  • I’ll create a testing matrix and budget for you to approve to be sure we are getting you qualified leads ad the lowest cost. (You can spend as little as $5 or $10 per day, or more – it’s up to you!)
  • Quick audit of your whole lead funnel – I’ll take a look at your lead magnet, landing page, and your thank you page and make suggestions if I see room for improvement to be sure you are getting the highest conversions possible.
  • Facebook ad campaign implementation and setting up custom audiences for retargeting
  • Tech help for installing pixels for retargeting
  • Setting up retargeting custom audiences in Facebook.
  • Here’s the best part.  I’m going to show you exactly what I’m doing and how do it – so you can take it over at the end of the month with confidence.
Here’s what you will need before we get started:
  • A Facebook Page so we can place ads (You will pay for the ads directly from your Facebook account)
  • A lead magnet of some kind – PDF, video, podcast, checklist – anything that your audience will find of value and you can give away for free
  • A way to deliver your lead magnet
  • A landing page – could be your website, a blog post, a stand alone page.
Are you ready to make this summer the best yet for your business?
Don’t wait! I only have 10 slots available and The Facebook Ads Starter Package is available only in the month of June.

Click here to schedule a call and we can get started!