The Trap of Working IN Your Business, not ON it

Danger! Danger! Most of us start our entrepreneurial journey with a passion. A passion to serve, to share our expertise, or just for the love of what we do. With that, we jump into our business with both feet, hands and everything else and devote as much time as we can spare for the creation […]

Do You Hate Sales? Then Don’t Sell.

I used to dread the thought of selling. It didn’t fit my personality; I hated feeling spammy or pushy. I just dreaded the whole process. But business doesn’t happen, and revenue doesn’t come in, without the selling. The game changer for me was moving from selling to inviting. It’s an offer, not a push. Need […]

Are you a True CEO? Move From Doing to Leading

In 2003 I had a booming media buying agency. Business seemed to be rolling in faster than I could keep up with. I was a one-woman band for the first few years and loved every part of the business. But now I was drowning! I knew I needed some help, but wasn’t sure what kind […]

Get Out of Your Own Way – Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2. Last week I covered 4 obstacles that can get in your way. This week, I’m finishing up with the final 4. 5. “I have a good sense of where I want my business to go, but can’t figure out how to get there” This is when growth and transition are the […]

Get Out of Your Own Way – Obstacles to Biz Growth

Part 1 of 2 Every business goes through stages, from the seed of an idea to startup, to increasing levels of maturity and growth. Each stage has its challenges, and none are easier than the last. In those transition periods, things can feel out of control. Many of your carefully crafted processes are no longer […]

Imposter Syndrome – Flip the Script!

  When I start working with clients, one of the first subjects we deal with is mindset. One of the topics that always, always comes up for the female entrepreneur is “Who am I to think I can do this?” …or teach this, or provide this service, or whatever. The fear is all the same. […]

Note to Self: You Matter!

This really is a note to self, and if this is all TMI, just feel free to move along. But if I’m up to my neck in this issue, many of you may be as well. I’m a hard-charging kind of gal. Type A for sure. But I’ve had to completely reframe that in the […]

Know Your Numbers

I know. It feels like hopping on the scale. That dreaded moment that many women agonize over (me too!) when they get on the scale to check their weight. Time’s up! Was I good, or bad? Is there shame or self-doubt? Jubilation? Body image aside, we need to get over that fear regarding our businesses. […]

Lack of motivation is the symptom. Accountability is the cure

I was recently listening to a podcast when the owner of a pretty happening biz said that she stopped doing her podcast because it took a lot of work. She didn’t feel the urge to continue and no one was pushing her to do so. It got me thinking… If you are the alpha dog, […]

Have you KISSed your business lately?

Keep it Simple, Sweetie! One of the things I see with entrepreneurs in the second and third years of their business is a tendency to overcomplicate things. If you have made it through your first year or two then something is working. Congratulations! Really! Something like 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, […]